Events & Promotions

August 2017 20th Anniversary Pre-VMA Gala Los Angeles, CA

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary we are excited to extend our reach across the MTV, VH1, Logo group with a blow-out gala event leading up to this year's VMAs.



Musically Mastered Menu Dinner Series 2017

Much to the delight of musical foodies everywhere, VH1 Save The Music is once again bringing together great music and fine dining for a series of four exclusive pop-up dinner parties throughout the US.  We have some ideas for stopovers in 2017 but would be happy to work with sponsors to identify key markets that would work for us both! 

Play It Forward Day September 16th – Nationwide

On September 16, 2017 we will host an on-the-ground stunt in 10 cities that engages the local community through music and inspires audiences to get social and reconnect with our work.  In 2/3 of these cities we enhance the production level, adding talent, staging, live stream video and a film crew.  In addition we look to bring the digital to life by integrating meaningful technology into the events – creating deeper, stickier guest experiences.