Join our band of supporters hosting fundraisers across the country! There are a variety of ways to raise money for the Foundation and below you can find examples to get you thinking about the kind of fundraiser you would like to organize.

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Charitable Performances:

Get everyone involved by hosting a Battle of the Bands, talent show, musical, play or concert. Keep in mind that location is important and it is critical to get a church, school, or civic group behind you to help with the production and allow you to use their performance space.


Service Activities:

Get together with your friends and organize a community yard sale, dog or car wash. All three are activities that provide a needed service to community members. You can also set-up a lemonade stand as a fun way to raise additional funds!


Sport Activities:

Why not channel your energy and talent by running, biking, walking, bowling or dancing in a marathon. There are four major ways for “Thons” as they are often called to raise money (1) registration fees that require the people who participate to pay a fee, (2) pledges in which participants use pledge sheets to collect donations from friends, family, and coworkers ahead of time, (3) donations from people who attend the event, and (4) sponsorships in which companies can pay to have their name and logo on the T-shirt given to the participants. You can up the ante by offering donated prizes to those that raise the most money.


Birthday Fundraiser:

Popular idea and good way to show your support for the foundation is to dedicate your Birthday to the cause. Instead of asking for presents from friends, you can donate to VH1 Save The Music and start a Birthday Fundraiser.


Start your own 


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