Success Stories

Hear from our students, music teachers and school administrators about
the power of music education.

Mary Lyon Elementary School - Chicago, IL

Alvina is an 8th grade clarinet player in our band. I have witnessed her grow as a leader and branch out more. When she first joined band, she was very quiet, and never spoke. She now is our clarinet section leader, participates in the CPS All City Band, and even auditioned for, and made, the school dance team. She has shown strong leadership skills, and has made many new friends. She is now not afraid to volunteer answers in band class. She even performed a solo at one of the informal concerts for parents with the non-profit group. She is currently auditioning for high schools, and I know she will be selected for an advanced program. - Music Teacher, Sarah Todd


“This is my tenth year of having a guitar group at PS/IS 180 in Harlem playing guitars donated by the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. The 4th, 5th and 6th graders get to play acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars that are part of a guitar lab. Each school year I find myself saying, "This is my best group yet!" This year that feeling was especially strong. Each year the group includes students who are continuing their guitar studies and those who are just beginning. It's always heartening for me to see the more experienced students teaching the beginners and 'catching them up.'

Music Teacher, David Haiman

Paul I. Miller Elementary School # 114

I had a parent approach me whose child has autism, to let me know that this is the first time in her child's life that he felt like he was a part of the class.
- Principal, Indianapolis, IN

William Hart Elementary School

One of my students plays several instruments and will most likely become a musician for his career. His ability to learn numerous instruments is commendable and I am grateful that we were able to provide this opportunity to him and many other students in the school!
- Music Teacher, New Orleans, LA

Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

Andres is a 9th grader who has grown in many impressive ways. When he came to us as a 6th grader he was shy, academically behind, and had difficulty making positive behavior choices. After three years of learning flute, drums, and Tenor sax Andres has grown socially and academically. He is now outgoing, loves performing, is doing well in his classes, and no longer has behavior issues. I am excited to see him continue to grow. He has already inquired about the process of making a career out of music and going to college to pursue that dream.
- Music Teacher, Denver, CO

Orchard Gardens K-8

Mayleen, an 8th grader, has been playing the flute for two years under my direction. I have seen tremendous growth in Mayleen in such a short time. She is very dedicated to practicing and seems very eager to learn more. Mayleen’s calm and polite personality will undoubtedly fit into any musical environment. I recommend Mayleen to perform on her flute with no reservations in any performing arts high school.
- Music Teacher, Boston, MA

Lockerman Bundy Elementary School

Erin, a 9th grade band student has recently been accepted into a Music and Arts High School. We are so proud of her success!
- Music Teacher, Baltimore, MD

North Avondale Montessori

I have a student who had behavior problem at times in his general music class. On his first band lesson for percussion, I was teaching him paradiddles and a ride rhythm. We continued the lesson as I took the kids back to their general music class. The general music teacher saw us continuing to work outside his door as they changed classes, and he said "Wow, I have never seen him focus like that!" He has been great in band and not a problem in general music class ever since.
- Music Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

Hawthorne Elementary School

Sidney, a 7th grader was awarded 1st Chair Flute in Metro Honor band this year! Sidney started flute in 5th grade through the grant from VH1 Save The Music and it has been a joy to see her flourish in music.
- Music Teacher, Tulsa, OK