Success Stories

Hear from our students, music teachers and school administrators about
the power of music education.

Roanoke City Public Schools, Roanoke, VA

“The VH1 program at Fairview Elementary provided me the opportunity to express and show talents that have allowed me to continue playing in the high school orchestra. I would have never started to play without the VH1 Save The Music grant, but now I will carry my love of music and the violin through the rest of my life.” - 9th Grade Patrick Henry HIgh School Orchestra Student

San Felipe Memorial Middle School

The band students playing the grant of instruments provided by VH1 Save The Music Foundation continuously go above and beyond what is expected of them. Many of these students are also doing extremely well in all their classes. We, as band directors, believe this to be nothing more than a direct correlation between involvement in band and academic success.
- Band Directors, Del Rio, TX

Jenny Lind Elementary School – Minneapolis, MN

Jenny Lind Elementary School received a grant of instruments from VH1 Save The Music Foundation 2009. This wonderful program gave us 36 quality string instruments for our students to use.

Our school principal has the vision for all students in 1st through 4th grade to play a string instrument. During the 1st year of having our new instruments, I taught group violin lessons to all 1st graders. We now have all the 1st and 2nd graders taking violin lessons! Jenny Lind Elementary is an 87% free and reduced lunch school. We feel our students deserve to learn to play an instrument but realize that renting one from a store is not an option. Having the VH1 Save The Music grant is an incredible gift to our students and our community!

Music Teacher, Stacy Aldrich


Bethune Academy

One of my current students, Shawn, always seems to be in trouble in his academic classes. When he gets into guitar lab, it's like a switch flips in his brain, and suddenly he's a genius. He uses his ear to transpose songs into different keys and finds alternate fingerings using his ears... his face just lights up when he holds the guitar and it's all thanks to YOU!
- Music Teacher, Bartow, FL

North Birmingham School: Birmingham, AL

The band program at North Birmingham School is an integral part of our curriculum. The students in our band are well behaved and most of them are honor roll students. The majority of our band students made the highest scores on all of our standardized tests. Band is not considered "extra" at North Birmingham. Band will always be a part of our curriculum here at North Birmingham School!

Mr. J.J. Watts, Jr., Principal


Gompers Fine Arts Option School

LaShaunda Cavin started playing the trumpet in 5th grade thanks to VH1 Save The Music. She continued participating in the band program in high school and received a full scholarship to Central Ohio State University, where she is now a sophomore. She is the first member of her family to attend a four year college out of state.
- Music Teacher, Chicago, IL