Success Stories

Hear from our students, music teachers and school administrators about
the power of music education.

Davis Thomas Elementary Middle School

I have taught a family of siblings over the past several years that have overcome major family issues. I believe they have been able to overcome huge obstacles thanks to having access to music education.
- Music Teacher, Thomas, WV

Allen M. Stearne

There has been marked improvement in the students' academic, behavioral, and disciplinary progress for those who have taken part in the instrumental music program donated by VH1 Save The Music Foundation. With that said, the improvements in the school climate since the grant was given is remarkably more positive. This, in turn, positively benefits each student enrolled in the school.
- Music Teacher, Philadelphia, PA

Olympic High School

One of my students, Franklin is an amazingly talented guitarist! He graduated last year (2012) and is now helping me teach here. He was battling depression, struggling with substance abuse, getting into trouble with the law and dealing with the absence of his father, who is currently serving a prison sentence is Mississippi. Yet, with music in his life, he was able to completely turn his life around and I owe this to the grant of instruments given by VH1 Save The Music Foundation! Thank you! 
- Music Teacher, Santa Monica, CA 

San Fernando Elementary School - Los Angeles, CA

San Fernando Elementary School is nestled in a small neighborhood in the northeast San Fernando Valley, California. It is one of more than 500 Los Angeles Unified School District’s elementary schools. I have been an instrumental music teacher at San Fernando for the past 19 years.

VH1 Save The Music Foundation has been a major contributor to San Fernando’s successful instrumental music program. Each year, approximately 90, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students participate in a rigorous, sequential, standards based instrumental music program. When students realize they have been chosen to participate, the light in their eyes could illuminate Los Angeles. When asked about the importance of music in their lives, my students have clear and insightful thoughts. I posed the question” What did playing in an orchestra teach you about life”? Leonardo said, “Practice definitely makes perfect and it helps me study the same way I practice”. Itzel said, “Working as a team makes you successful”. Amy realized that “Leaning to play an instrument has taught me to be exact”. 

San Fernando music students take pride in their accomplishments. Playing in the year-end performance is an opportunity to share their abilities and talents. These opportunities are crucial to building self-esteem and self worth. 

I can speak for the entire staff and student body in saying that our gratitude to the Foundation cannot be measured.

Linda Mouradian
Los Angeles Unified School District Elementary Instrumental Music Chair