steAm | May 7, 2015

Thursday, May 7 at 7:00pm live from The Paley Center in NYC at

Check out the first ever Keynote Assembly to lead the dialogue at the STEM to STEAM Conversation



  • Miguel Centeno, Senior Director, Community Relations & Urban Marketing, Aetna, Inc.
  • Kenny Lattimore Grammy nominated R&B singer
  • Gabriella Musacchia, Ph.D., Research Scholar at Stanford and Rutgers Universities; Professor of Audiology at the University of the Pacific; President of BabyRhythms® music program for infants and toddlers
  • Masi Oka, Producer, Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated Actor, Heroes
  • Kim Richards, Co-Founder and Director, STEAMConnect
  • Rosemarie Truglio, Ph.D. SVP of Curriculum & Content, Sesame Workshop

Moderated by Jaclyn Rudderow, VH1 Save The Music Foundation



Panelists from the worlds of education, the arts, policy, business, tech and media will share best practices, personal stories, scientific study, tools and ideas on STEAM education. Viewers can join the discussion on social media using #STEAMAssembly @VH1SaveTheMusic.

The objective of this panel is to bring widespread awareness to STEAM and the fact that every child can learn and succeed through the Arts across all subject areas.

Watch the Keynote Assembly LIVE Here:

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Here are some ways you can help support the STEAM movement now!

  • Get involved and add yourself to RISD's STEM to STEAM global map- "show decision- makers and others where STEAM is happening" 
  • How to get involved as an administrator, educator, or student. 
  • Get certified as a teacher of STEAM.
  • Sign a Congressional STEAM petition.
  • Learn more about the STEAM Caucus: Video 
  • Learn 7 guidelines to building a STEAM program: "Educators offer advice to districts looking to create successful STEAM programs for their students"
  • Join an Online Conference- From Educators Closet 
  • Help Kickstarter Campaign "STEAMLabs is a non-profit makerspace dedicated to empowering kids & adults to create and innovate. Dream it. Build it"




TED talks on STEAM 

From State Impact and NPR- Listen to a story about girl from a "STEAM" school

From Storify: Where is STEAM happening? 

CHECK OUT: STEAM Ed Digital Quartly Magazine

From the STEAM Institute at the Boston Museum of Science- Learn more

Partners of VH1 Save The Music Foundation supporting the event are NAMM Foundation and The Mizzy Jonas Family Foundation. Champion Circle partners include B Productions, The JetBlue Foundation and StubHub Foundation, a corporate advised fund of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.